Collection: Woods Of The Pamlico

Introducing The Woods of The Pamlico Collection - our celebration of the stunning wood types that grow in the forests surrounding the Pamlico Sound, river, and sea.

Crafted by hand, each pen in this collection is made from locally sourced wood that has fallen or been damaged, ensuring that we're not contributing to deforestation. The wood is then milled at a private wood shop in Williamston, North Carolina, before being transformed into a beautiful writing instrument.

The unique combination of colors and wood grain patterns make these pens a true work of art, while the smooth, warm feel of the wood provides an unmatched writing experience. Perfect for everyday use, The Woods of The Pamlico pens are not only beautiful but also incredibly durable.

With a range of wood types available, including Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Cedar, Oak, and other local varieties, you're sure to find the perfect pen to suit your style. Plus, with a choice of hardware finishes such as gold, gunmetal, chrome, silver, copper, and antique, you can customize your pen to your liking.

Join us in celebrating the beauty of our local forests with The Woods of The Pamlico Collection.

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