Collection: Colors Of The Pamlico

The Colors of the Pamlico is a collection to celebrate all the wonderful colors that surround the Pamlico sound and river.

The Pamlico is surrounded by every color imaginable. Not only do many beautiful colors flow through all the natural wonders we have to view in the region. Colors played a unique role in the early culture of the 16th century with the English settlers as they started a new colony here.

The colors in the clothing that were worn reflected the social standing of those in England who came to settle on Roanoke Island. Back then there were what was called Sumptuary laws. These laws attempted to dictate the color, fabrics, and decoration of clothing suitable for social rank and income. The wealthy exhibited more bright colors and the lower class where seen in more neutral colors.

You will find every color of the rainbow flowing through and around our sounds, river, and sea.

The colors of the Pamlico collection are made with the Artisan pen line. With these pens, you'll see superior fit and finish with premium-grade components.

They are made with jewelry-grade precious metal plating and stabilized and color-dyed Box Elder wood finished with Cyanoacrylate to make them the most durable.

The Artisan pen hardware and wood pen barrels are some of the highest quality materials on the market today.ons and are definitely made for everyday use. 

Stabilizing the wood makes it more durable and moisture resistant, the dying is done at the same time giving it beautiful deep color.

Plating is a metal finish and each type has different wear resistance.

Rhodium - Platinum color 5-star wear rating
Possibly nature's most brilliant and durable precious metal, Rhodium is used by the world's premier pen manufacturers to plate their very finest pens. A member of the Platinum precious metals family, Rhodium sells for as much as 2500 per troy ounce and is unmatched in brilliance and durability.

Titanium - Gold and Black 5-star wear rating
Titanium plating is very popular among the top pen manufacturers as it offers superior wear resistance. This is to make your pen last a lifetime.

Chrome and Gun Metal 4-star wear rating
Chrome and Gun Metal are extremely long-wearing plating capable of resisting everyday wear and tear. These platings are of superior quality and rich in look with a more economical price point.

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