The Pamlico Sound and River are a Source of Inspiration

With it's rich history and culture. From the Native Americans who first inhabited the region to the English settlers of Roanoke Island, the pirates who sailed its waters, the Pamlico has seen its share of history and lore. Our pen designs will spark your creativity, curiosity and emotions. Making a true keepsake that will make your mark on the world and last for years to come.

"It's not just about the pen, it's what you can do with it. It's the mark you can leave, the story you leave the world." ~ Donnie Grady

Featured Collections

Waters Of The Pamlico

Welcome to the Waters of the Pamlico Collection, where we celebrate the... 

Colors Of The Pamlico

The Colors of the Pamlico is a collection to celebrate all the... 

Pirates Of The Pamlico

The Pirates of The Pamlico collection is inspired by the rich history... 

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