7 Ways to Use a Journal to Keep Your Goals

7 Ways to Use a Journal to Keep Your Goals

When you think of journaling, you probably go straight to the idea of writing about your day or somehow recording your ideas or impressions of the world. After all, this is how we're trained to use a journal in school.

There are many different other kinds of journals, though. One of the most powerful? A Success Journal. It is designed to help you to achieve your goals. By having a place to write down your goals and keep track of where you are reaching them, you can use a journal to create success. How?

Journal to Identify What You Want

Sometimes our goals aren't even clear to ourselves. By writing about what we want, we better understand what we're setting out to accomplish. The very act of writing demands clarity of thought, so think of these entries in your journal as a way to put into words your deepest desires.

Journal to Expand Upon the Idea

Once you've determined your goal, you'll probably need to work out some details as to just how far you want to take it. This exploration fleshes out your initial idea and gives it a solid shape and form, so you know what you're hoping to accomplish.

Journal to Make Concrete Plans

Your journal is also great for creating a road map for getting where you want to go. Try making bullet point lists of the next steps or designing a flow chart to make the process clearer.

Journal to Set Your Priorities

Journals also help you to figure out which things to do first. When you look at the lists you made, it's simple to add in some numbers or put your idea into steps so you know which part comes next. You can also write about how things are going with your goal, evaluating whether you might need to prioritize something different for the next step to keep your forward momentum.

Journal to Keep Energized

We all have our moments where we become tired or discouraged. If you feel like your enthusiasm for your goals is falling quickly, journaling about your feelings and exploring why you feel this way can be enormously helpful. Even more important, writing can also jump start your enthusiasm all over again.

Journal to Stay Accountable

By writing about your journey, you're checking in with yourself to see what progress you made today in your goals. Knowing you need to write something down about what you've done is sometimes enough to push you to do even a little bit toward reaching your dreams.

Journal to Give Yourself a Record of Your Accomplishments

Finally, a Success Journal is a place to celebrate your accomplishments. It feels pretty wonderful when you can page back in your journal and see your progress. Use this record to give you the impetus to set your next goal!
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