4 Techniques You Can Use in Your Journal to Track Your Progress

4 Techniques You Can Use in Your Journal to Track Your Progress

How do you know where you are in reaching your goals? Sometimes it can be hard to tell, especially if you're aiming to do something complicated enough to involve several steps and which takes a great deal of time.

Sadly, projects like this can easily die out simply because we don't always know how far we've come. Or worse, we might feel like we're not getting anywhere. This is why a Success Journal can be such an important part of your day.

A Success Journal lists your goals and is also a place to track the steps to reach those goals. Consider these techniques to track your progress using a daily journal:

You Can Use it to Set Daily Goals
What would you like to accomplish today? To start the day with your Success Journal, you simply write down the top couple of goals you have for the day. Use your Success Journal a second time before bed to report on your progress for the day toward those goals and to process any feelings or thoughts you might have regarding those goals.

You Can Easily Track Your Milestones
At some point in making your plan of attack toward your goal, you set up certain milestones. By using a journal, it's easy to see just which milestones you've already reached while tracking how far you are from the next big milestone. Understanding these signposts to success lets you know where you are in your journey.

You Can Easily Set Up Micro-Goals
If you feel like you need an extra boost of productivity or even just encouragement, you can use your Success Journal to set up a smaller goal or smaller goals between your milestones. These quick goals give you something you can strive for today and feel wonderful once you reach them. Your Success Journal should be full of these goals.

You Can See if You’re Being Consistent
Are you in the 'habit zone'? If you're unsure if you've been working daily toward your goals, your Success Journal is the perfect place to find out. Chart your progress and see where you might be falling back a little before you get too far behind. Remember, you want to make working toward your goals a daily habit. Your journal is the perfect accountability tool to make sure you do.

Altogether, your journal is a great place to see where and where you're going. The best part?

A Success Journal doesn’t have to involve long, detailed posts unless you want to write them. A simple bullet point list or two every day will suffice to easily keep you on track.

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